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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

John Legend - Secret Heart (Cover)

This guy is my favorite singer.  This song has probably been playing all day all night for 2 weeks now and I just can't get enough. It simply releases a slew of emotions in me. yes? yes? no?

Friday, June 17, 2011

More About the Author

How would I start...?

Well... He is a big fan of gelatinous insects and ionic implosion. He enjoys collecting earthworms, sometimes they are his only comfort, but sometimes he puts them on a hook to catch a larger comfort - a fish. His musings about the universe, philosophy, a greater human experience, females, bitches, hoes and bitches (did I say that already?) gradually degenerate into a thoughtful orgy of hilarity. He continues to push the extremes of shampoo usage while consorting with mechanical engineers and singing in the bathroom with the engineers while using the shampoo (no homo). He is a versatile individual who can complicate a picnic, yet simply distill Zarathustra. He is a gentile force of nature, like a lukewarm breeze that offsets an areas delicate ecosystem and spawns a microbe which breeds a viral infection into the local drinking water. His antics strike a balance between insanity and genius - more on the insanity really. He started a fire in his friend’s bathroom - with wet matches. He can read. In his own head, not out loud - though it helps if he read out loud. He found a bag full of clothes at the airport - he is lucky. Have maintained a high maintenance girlfriend - he can maintain. He can type as fast as you can talk, if you wait for him to get it all down - even faster sometimes. He brings the Heat with him to everything he does. (Note: sexual harassment insurance premiums may go up if he take the Heat out). He likes animals and plants - he is responsible. He have both of his arms and all of his fingers - he is not unfortunate looking. He is highly motivated, energetic, passionate, dedicated, energetic, team-oriented, energetic, a creative thinker, passionate, dedicated (Did I mention energetic?) (Did I mention he brings the Heat?).

He also takes pretty photos:  


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Work is a Big Bad Biatch

So here I am, working my ass off and I'm about to blow up. I need to talk to someone but i do not want to transfer the negative energy, so suck it... Bloggity. (yeah, I'm calling you that from now on). Bleh!!!

It's been almost 3 years (22 days to go) since i got here in Singapore. I  miss my parents. I miss my dog. I miss my childhood friends (I don't have that many, I've got 2, not bad eh?). I miss the farm, the cool freakishly clean river, the beach, the mountains, everything. I miss everything. I have gone home 3 times for about a week each and it's never enough. Every time I go home, I have the strangest feeling of not wanting to come back. And today, I have been digitally surfing the internet for cheapo plane tickets, I'm not even sure why.

Reality check: I need to work to support my (senior status) parents and my future.

Sometimes, I tend to forget this reality check, and worse... I remember but I just couldn't handle it anymore. It's a good thing coffee, cigarettes, chocolates, longboarding and xbox games make me sane. I can not live without these out of sight. But sometimes, these aren't just enough. I wan't to go home for good. I have already accepted that my parents don't have that much time... So I am going home soon and build a skate shop. That way, I'll be enjoying while working. This is the best idea I've ever had. I'll be with my parents and I should be able to support them. So help me G.

Enough talking, I have to get back to work. TTYL.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Longboard Review - Loaded: Tan Tien

I got my Loaded Tan Tien longboard 5 months ago and i instantly loved it on my first push! I almost broke my knee. But! A broken knee can't stop me. Muhahaha!

I rode regular sized skateboards when i was in high school and the concept of riding is pretty much the same, although a longboard's main function (for me at least ) is for transportation. It has been almost 10 years since i was on a board shreding pavements and i picked up the pace in just a click - actually, quite a few clicks, and scratches and being chased down by dogs and a lot more. You know what they say; once a cow, always a cow. This is my first ever longboard, so to speak.

I have mine set up on Flex 2 (130-210 lbs), Paris 180 trucks on crimson red, Bones Super Swiss 6 bearings and standard Venom bushings and Orangatang Stimulus in purple.

Two weeks ago, my buddy and I went on a trek, from Bauang to Luna in La Union. I went home to the Philippines and I got him the same longboard (I'm his delivery guy, effing guy he is :D), though he's got a Flex 1 (up to 270 lbs), Adam Colton trucks and Orangatang 4Presidentz in yellow. The total distance is roughly about 70 KM and it was a blast. Some roads (Bauang and San Fernando borders (2 KM) and worst: Luna Town proper (5 KM)) were such pain in the @ss, literally because they're not maintained. It is asphalt but the black thingy is gone and what's left was the spiked crushed pebbles trying to tear our wheels and calves apart. But the roads in Lingsat, San Fernando to San Juan to Bacnotan was just awesome, the ride was buttery smooth, road is moderately down slope and best of all, less motored vehicles. It was dangerous, exhausting and scary at times but manageable and a lot of fun.

I got this photo of the sunset from our stop over in San Juan. This was one of the reasons we took the trip. We both needed breaks from work and the world and longboarding is such a very good way to do that.

The longboards made it. We made it. It's just an awesome board. I've read tons of reviews online before getting the Loaded Tan Tien and everyone definitely loves it, and so do I. It is perfect for the daily rider. It's awesome for carving, some tricks and freeriding. I have never tried any other longboards yet but im definitely stoked on this one. Only downside for me is the nose/tail, it chips when it hits something hard like a curve but i dont mind, wood/bamboo is supposed to be like that, its the rider's fault i think (that's me). Definitely worth every freaking penny. Go longboard!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Blog Intro

So… I had been writing random ideas, rants, raves etc. on my notebook and i got tired of always running out of pages and ink. I wanted to go online. So here I am.

This Blog is two years in the making.

My thoughts will be for public perusal but my personal information will be in complete confidence because that is how i want it to be and i hope you, (whoever is reading this) understand.

Goin’ longboarding. See you later.